CLICKS ON is an Erasmus + Project launched in 2020. This initiative relies on the articulation of expertise of a high level consortium: the technical knowledge and methodologies on carbon accounting is provided by the Association Bilan Carbone (coordinator of the project – France) and Avenir Climatique (France) and it is combined with the pedagogical experience and IT expertise of Design for Change (Spain), SKILLA-AMICUCCI FORMAZIONE (Italy) and from Università Politecnica delle Marche (Italy). A secondary Spanish school, the Colegio Jesuitinas María Reina is involved as partners and represents the secondary schools’ interest in the project.



Recent school and climate marches have evidenced that Europe’s youth is becoming increasingly engaged towards the fight against global warming.

Educating future European citizens about climate emergency challenges is then essential to ensure a global awareness on the need to measure and reduce GHG emissions.

The target of youth seems also critical to mobilize a greatest number of actors beyond the walls of schools in order to reach the targets set by the 2030 EU climate objectives. In that sense the Erasmus+ project, CLICKS ON, aims at supporting awareness raising on climate emergency through the provision of an innovative pedagogical approach and the development and dissemination of a Climate change educational toolkit specifically designed for secondary schools.

At short term, CLICKS ON will reinforce teachers’ and ANE staff’s knowledge on climate change issues and on the way to become facilitators of initiative to engage in low-carbon transition. Students, on their side, will gain soft skills and being real actors of the initiative will become real vectors of behavioral change. At long term, the project implementation may also impact the content of educative programs of secondary schools to better tackle the climate change challenges and reinforce the citizen behavior of both students and teachers.


The CLICKS ON project focuses on some specific target groups in secondary schools that are the students, the teachers, administrative non-educational (ANE) staff and the school leaders, with several aims that will impact them:

  1. to raise awareness on climate issues and carbon accounting among the greatest number of students, teachers, school leaders and ANE staff
  2. to develop and offer a Climate change educational toolkit replicable at a European scale
  3. to harmonize and share at the European level educational materials, experiences and practices related to the climate emergency and carbon accounting.

It will involve 7 schools (6 associated and 1 partner) that will test the project outputs: 3 schools in France, 2 in Italy and 2 in Spain. On the total, 14 teachers, 7 ANE staff, 7 school leaders and 260 students will be involved in the project.